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“无论采用哪种深色调统一空间,在早晨和下午,这栋房屋的美丽都与众不同,阳光直射到空间中则形成对比,而到了晚上,精心设计的人工照明方案创造了空间独特的氛围。” — 芦沢啓治

    “Regardless of the dark tones used to unify the space, the beauty of this home stands out in the morning and early afternoon, with the contrast of direct sunlight peeking into the space, and at night, when the ambiance of the space is created by an elaborate artificial light scheme.” — Keiji Ashizawa


Azabu Residence是日本家具品牌Karimoku案例研究的第四个案例研究项目,日本自然极简大师Keiji Ashizawa与丹麦极简事务所Norm Architects密切合作 完善的木制家具系列的最新作品是作为这个完整翻新项目的一部分而创建的,其原始设置是建于1988年的豪华公寓中,位于东京安静的Nishi-Azabu住宅区。

The Azabu Residence is the fourth case study project of Japanese furniture brand Karimoku Case Study and is conceived in close collaboration with Keiji Ashizawa Design. The latest additions to the collection of fine wooden furniture pieces are created as part of this complete renovation project and have its native setting in a luxury apartment built in 1988, tucked away in the quiet Nishi-Azabu residential district of Tokyo.



The apartment was built on a spacious and airy plot, rarely seen in Tokyo today. The greenery surrounding the entrance is meticulously maintained by garden￾ers and welcomes visitors in a harmonious way that establishes a sense of calm and connection to nature in the middle of the city.


与以前的案例研究项目相似的是,Azabu Residence融合了日本和斯堪的纳维亚的设计原则和美学。该项目的基础是对使用天然材料和柔和调色板的共同信念,其特点是注重触觉,软极简主义和永恒的品质。

Similar to the previous Case Study projects, the Azabu apartment combines Japanese and Scandinavian design principles and aesthetics. A shared belief in the use of natural materials and a muted color palette lies as the foundation of the project, characterized by the focus on tactile, soft-minimal and timeless qualities. 


同时又与之前的案例研究项目(如东京的Kinuta Terrace公寓和瑞典的Archipelago House)相反的是Azabu Residence项目以柔和的深色调完成,增强并拥抱了阴影的完整性。宽敞但光线昏暗的公寓是一个舒适,以人为本的保护性住宅,远离城市的喧嚣。一个沉静而拥抱的室内空间,可用于沉思和私人家庭生活。

In contrast to the previous Case Study projects as the Kinuta Terrace Apartments in Tokyo and the Archipelago House in Sweden, the Azabu Residence Project is completed in muted, dark tones enhancing and embracing the intimacy of shadows. The spacious but dimly lit apartment is a cozy, human-centric and protective dwelling away from the noise of the city. A calm and embracing interior for contemplation and private family life. 


One of the core elements of the Case Study brand is the study of designand architectural history and the inspiration for many of the projects has been sparked by field trips to architectural sites, gardens, parks and temples in both Japan and Denmark.The Azabu project was designed shortly after a trip to the Americas and the inspiration of mid-century American and Brazilian modernism is evident in use of warm dark natural materials and wooden wall paneling, lush carpets and tactile upholstery, in the case translated into a new and dark version of a Japanese-Scandinavian interior. 

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